Hi, I’m Jenna


I'm a happy camper, a dog fanatic, and a grandma at heart ― often found with a mug of tea and a giant bowl of oats in hand. Wisconsin is home, but I'm constantly daydreaming about sunshine and beaches or living out of my car.

Starting at the crack of dawn, movement is something I crave. That can mean anything from yoga or hiking to simply busting a few (bad) dance moves. I’m a creature of comfort, but more often than not I am planning a cross-country road trip or scoping out my next airbnb.

When it comes to photography, my style is laid back, authentic and documentary. I believe in the in-between moments and real connection over just pretty pictures. Rigid posing and overly-retouched images are not my thing ― my job is done right if I can make photographs that portray the truest version of you.


top photo by Jen Dederich

top photo by Jen Dederich




slow living, warm days at the lake, nature-inspired weddings, ginger kombucha, hiking with friends, tacos, roadtrips up-north, inner fire yoga