November 5, 2017

Intimate & Laidback Milwaukee Wedding

Jenny and Sharad’s love story began in San Francisco, the place they call home, after living near parallel lives. Despite both growing up in neighboring Wisconsin towns, attending UW-Madison for undergrad, and living in New York for a time, their paths didn’t cross until they serendipitously relocated to the Bay Area and were introduced by mutual friends. On a warm October day in the small village of Elm Grove, they married.

Jenny and Sharad’s wedding was relaxed and authentic, as they hoped it would be. They spent their day stress-free, surrounded by close family, friends, and their border collie Panda. In addition to their ultra chill personalities, Jenny and Sharad achieved the low-key wedding of their dreams thanks to some nontraditional choices. They read personal, handwritten vows during their outdoor ceremony, enjoyed a laidback reception sans seating arrangement, and skipped the tricky wedding party selection process. Heartfelt speeches, Momofuku-inspired desserts, and a packed dance floor capped off the night.


Oh, so many photos that capture love filled moments! Right on, Jenna !