field notes: exploring wisconsin's trails



To preface, it's taken me some time and traveling to really feel proud of The Dairy State I've called home all my life. After making a couple cross-country roadtrips and exploring/living in a few different cities, I've come to realize that I've taken for granted the beauty of the Midwest. Beauty in the landscapes, as well as beauty in the people and culture here.

While I've talked about moving for...forever and I'll always continue dreaming up trips, I'm fully embracing my homebase right here in Madison, WI.

You know that sense of wonder and exploration you feel while traveling? Field Notes is intended to instill those same feelings. I want to see my home with fresh eyes, to visit in-state spots that I've never been, and to continue documenting the beauty of this often overlooked place. I hope that others are inspired by Field Notes to do the same, because while the grass looks greener on the other side, there probably isn't custard there ;)