something a little different



Ever wonder what I did in my past life?

Before wedding photography took over, I worked as a graphic designer full-time for a Madison clothing store. Photographing clothes was a huge part of my role, except instead of the lovely Rae pictured below, imagine a headless mannequin in an attic-like studio. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, but it's been fun to design Twigs' marketing emails in more of a freelance capacity and have real models in front of the camera.

Believe it or not, this girl has never "modeled" before. Rae is usually behind the scenes at Twigs. On this particular day, she was unsuspectingly sitting at her desk retouching an image when I pulled her down to the store, threw an outfit on her and dragged her outside in the sweltering heat. Thanks for being such a good sport, Rae ;) You're a natural.

outfit: Twigs