Let me tell you a little about myself…

I’m a self-described grandma, and it has a lot to do with my hot drink addiction, frumpy sweater collection, and knack for falling asleep before 9pm while watching The Office.

Despite my preference to curl up with a book on any given weekend night, I’m passionate about living a life of adventure. I’m often traveling the world one airbnb at a time or building out my creepy white van for its next road trip. Our current mailing address is a campground one mile away from Devil's Lake State Park where you can usually find us hiking the bluffs or sitting around a campfire.




I’m a unique combination of an old soul, a free spirit, and a serious type-A who is always on the verge of laughing. Dogs are my love language, yoga is my exercise of choice, and Anthony Bourdain is my inspiration. I feel most myself trekking through a forest, sipping a matcha in the morning, or soaking up some sunshine at the nearest body of water.

Nothing gets me more excited than couples who aren’t afraid to be true to themselves as they commit their lives to one another.


I would be so honored to embark on this adventure with you.